Lynn D.
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Aethestic Medicine
Dr. Himmelstein is the best physician I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and has an artists eye. His treatments are never over the top. He has a vision of what looks the best for his particular patient.

Laura L.
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Simply the best!
Dr. Himmelstein listened intently, and developed a plan to address my concerns, partnering with me to achieve the results I was looking for. He communicated well, and made sure I was comfortable with the plan. And then he did the best aesthetic injections I ever got … perfect! I will be coming back.

Cindy L.
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Dr. Himmelstein has an artist’s eye which makes his aesthetic practice so different from most practitioners. His skill as a sculptor enables him to see the face from all dimensions, therefore, the applications work beautifully. I have been extremely pleased with my results.

Rita N.
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Very attentive to patient’s needs and concerns.
I recently found out that Dr. Himmelstein has a passion for art and sculpture. His artistry shows in his work. He’s my personal Michelangelo when it comes to Botox and dermal fillers. So happy with the results! I’ll never go to anyone else.

Patty R.
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Professional and friendly
I have been going to Dr. Himmelstein for over five years. He takes his time, explains what will happen and makes sure I am comfortable with the services selected. I have gone to other doctors for botox and fillers but have never had the results that he is able to achieve. I am always confident recommending him to my friends and family.

Helen M.
26 googleplusreviewsCalming and Patient
I was tentative at best to begin Botox this past year, but Doctor Himmelstein was very patient, explaining each and every step and what the expectation should be. He also helped me come up with a plan of where and how much botox to use in each area. I was beyond happy with the results since my priority was to look natural and not frozen or stiff in any way. I would highly recommend Doctor Himmelstein!

Kelly S.
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He’s the best!
Dr.His amazing. I promise you, you have nothing to worry about. I’ve been getting Botox injections and fillers over the past 10 years and have seen many different doctors. (I’m currently 45) He’s absolutely the best I’ve been to. I’ve been going to him faithfully for the past 2 years now. No one else will do 🙂 He really is an artist, always gives me his honest opinion and makes me look my best! You won’t be disappointed! I know I never am. He’s experienced, professional, well educated and just a great person all around. You’ll adore him!

John P.
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Looking good and confident
I had Botox on my forehead and for my crow feet for the first time Dr. Himmelstein was amazing he made me feel very comfortable as he did a facial analyzed and explain what he would be doing in full detail the actual Botox injection where not painful and the procedure was very quick within a couple of days I immediately saw results I am very happy with the results and Dr Fred Himmelstein highly recommend him and will continue to do my Botox session with him : )

Ali P.
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I went to Polished Salon in Lemoyne for Dr. Himmelstein’s services. I wanted botox for my forehead and fillers for my lips. This was my first time ever receiving med spa services and my first time meeting Dr. Himmelstein. He and his nurse were some of the nicest people i’ve come across! They made me feel beautiful before the procedures even began. Dr. Himmelstein went over my goals/expectations with me beforehand. We discussed everything in depth. He had me show him pictures of what I was envisioning and we discussed realistic expectations. He was very thorough and specific, which made me feel super comfortable. His approach to fillers was to start out slow and we can touch up as we go. He would never give someone that “duck face” look. My lips still look so natural, just fuller. That’s exactly what I wanted. Not to mention my botox. I have had a wrinkle on my forehead for years and have always hated my forehead because of it. My forehead skin was always wrinkled, dull, lack luster. Now? It’s absolutely incredible. The wrinkle is virtually gone and my skin is so smooth and shiny. It’s completely transformed. I love my forehead now! I think Dr. Himmelstein is absolutely fabulous. I have recommended him to everyone I know. He is professional and is amazing at what he does. If you need medical spa services, he’s your guy! Hands down. And I cannot remember her name but his nurse with the blonde pixie cut – so nice! I loved the entire experience!

Gina C
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He’s the best!!!
Dr Himmelstein is the best! I have been going to him for Botox injections for several years and I am beyond thrilled with the results! During our first meeting I was very nervous and Dr H. made me feel extremely comfortable by talking me through the entire process so that I would know what to expect. His kind demeanor and attention to detail definitely set him apart in his field. He is a true artist!! I have and will continue to recommend him to all of my family and friends!

Lori C.
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High-quality service and professional
I have been a client of Dr. Himmelstein for a few months. I received lip filler and I am extremely happy with the results. They look very natural, and Dr. Himmelstein worked with great diligence. Dr. H. took the time to make me feel comfortable by explaining the process to me, and he treats his clients with great importance! I would absolutely recommend him, and I will go back to him for sure!

Kim C
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The Absolute Best!
I have received services from Dr. Himmelstein for almost 10 years. Dr. Fred took the time to learn about me, my medical history, and what I was concerned about and wanted. Initially, I received filler for skin cancer scars that I was self-conscious about. Now I benefit from all types of services that Dr. Fred provides – from botox to fillers to ulthera. Dr.Fred has proven to be kind, caring, compassionate, professional, and trustworthy. He is the only one I’d recommend for these services

Karin R.
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Dr. Fred is a Botox artist!
I just received my latest Botox treatment from Dr. Fred. I’ve had three treatments over the last year and a half and each one has had fantastic results! Dr. Fred is a great listener and really understands how to translate what I was looking for into amazing results. Thanks, Dr. Fred!

Vicki T.
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The most amazing experience
I am so happy I put my trust in Dr. Himmelstein! For years I have considered taking the next step in dealing with my wrinkles but have been extremely hesitant. I was referred to Dr. Himmelstein by a friend, and I am so glad I was. He is kind, gentle, and very detailed. He explained the process and then performed his magic very quickly. The results were instant – I look refreshed and natural. I am looking forward to continuing with him in the very near future. Thank you!

Sheryl Clark

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I travel for work and no matter where my travels lead me…do a search on local anti-aging experts to see what they have to offer, especially when it’s around Botox time & I’m not at home in Kansas! I saw services he provides, his interests in sculpting and was intrigued. I scheduled my first visit to see what he recommended for my ever aging facial appearance.

Dr. Himmelstein is professional, thorough, explanatory and creative. He communicates his suggestions and then molds your face to be the perfect “masterpiece.” He has amazing ideas & makes me want to keep coming back! Not because he pushes me to, because I want to. He offers pain free procedures, with little downtime & dramatic improvement (in my professional opinion). My only complaint is that he doesn’t have a practice in the state of Kansas! I’m working on him, though… 🙂

Danielle Bellingham

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Dr. Himmelstein is very professional as well as talented. I was very hesitant to do Botox for the first time however, Dr. Himmelstein made me feel very comfortable and took great care to explain the process. He worked with me to identify my areas of concern and did the perfect amount of Botox. I have been extremely happy! Thank you Dr. Himmelstein!

Melissa Carver

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Tonight was my first time meeting Dr. Himmelstein. I am looking forward to many, many years of his service. I mean, what a great experience. He is not your average injector. He takes his time, has conversation, makes you feel like you matter and has amazing bedside manner! I am not one to write reviews but he is great and everybody needs to know about him. You won’t regret your experience with him. 🙂